Fighting Terrorism and Crime Through Forensic Science
Reducing Crime & Terrorism
State-of-the-art technology and methods will enable you to Identify, locate, track and deter or intercept those wishing to do you harm. Internationally recognised and certified methods will ensure support for your activities and outcomes.
Protecting Economies & Key Industries
Protecting revenues from tourism and other key industries is critical for the recovery of global economies. Deterring crime and terrorism will give confidence to those wishing to invest or visit.
Building Trust & Credibility
Intercepting terror attacks and crimes or achieving successful convictions will deter criminals and terrorists. This builds the trust and confidence and in turn encourages inward investment and wider cooperation.
We provide a comprehensive range of forensic science and communications, intelligence services, products and solutions. We provide the finance, expertise, technologies and knowledge transfer. IFS enhances existing capabilities or builds from new leaving you with a fully functioning and self maintaining solution.
Our services include:
Turnkey Forensic Science Programmes
  • Laboratory design, build and equip.
  • Crime scene training, management and investigation for ISO 17020 accreditation.
  • Specialist forensic and scenes of crime equipment and software.
  • Professional forensic science training (MSc) (physical, chemical, biological and medical).
  • Developing systems for ISO 17025 accreditation (SOPs, lab management and quality control).
  • Preparation and presentation of evidence for courts.
  • Training of prosecuting barristers & judges on modern techniques and technologies.
Turnkey Communications Intelligence Programmes
  • Design and build national COMINT and digital forensic services.
  • State-of-the-art software & equipment.
  • Training, mentoring & maintenance/service support.
For further information please contact:
Dr Roger Saunders
Commercial Director